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Big bottom girls you make the rockin world go round *put hourglass or pear in your subject line, whichever you are. * ALL WITHOUT THE SUBJECT LINE AND THAT DONT INCLUDE A PICTURE ARE DELETED WITHOUT BEING READ.
Beethoven and I share the same birthday. (Dec. )
When I get into something I REALLY get into something. I eat breath and sleep it for a long time until I move on. Its just my approach to all things. One example would be the gym which Ive been in since.Though at times I had to take time off, but suddenly and without explanation to those around me I started going 1 or 2 hours every single day. The downside would be if Im not even slightly interested in something, you might as well try to push a boulder because I wont even think of doing it at all. When I learn things, I drown myself in it and soak up as much as I can. When I feel, I feel deeply. Only Tall Men Need Apply. When I dont, I feel nothing. Im a man of extremes, you could say.
I enjoy saying random words out loud sometimes just because I enjoy the way they feel coming out of my mouth.
Sometimes Im fascinated and entertained by very simple things, like clouds and a very blue sky or maybe a vast desert. Its clean, like Lawrence said.
I just discovered I have a talent for cooking, that came outta nowhere.
I never thought Id say it, but Ive gotten good at physics and math.
My professors convinced me that I should try for medical school, haha. So Im plugging away at that. I want to make my money as a surgeon or anesthesiologist, but really I just love the idea of research and discovering things. Im only interested in the most difficult and challenging tasks, or furthering the limits of human knowledge. Thats what I consider Krooked Treez: Reggae Woman - Summer Meltdown - Santa Clarita, CA - 04/30/2016 a job.
I have a weird, extremely strong, passion for learning that Im not really sure where I got it from.
My idea of really treating myself is setting aside a night to workout for 5 hours.I know, Im a gym freak
I think more people need to be told that its ok to take up space in the world.
When Im bored, sometimes I draw a few random lines without looking, and then using those lines within a few seconds I try to create an elaborate picture.
Ive always hated the idea of having fish as pets, but now I think I want an aquarium Im thinking black angelfish because they look like spaceships.
I think of myself as a big game hunter, meaning that I have the tendency to take on challenges in life (read "women") that are waaaaaaay out of my league. In that way Im a masochist. But I aim for the stars, I figure its best to fail spectacularly rather than dominate Married lady looking sex adult phone chat over mediocrity.
I always plan on the worst, but expect the best.
I plan on learning about languages (and forgetting of them)
If you know that Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan are countries (before Borat came out) you score some points.
If I read one more opening statement that says something like, "Im not your typical blah blah", and then you list a whole bunch of things that do indeed make you a typical blah blah I will have an aneurysm. And please god no more "sapiosexuals" thats almost like taking a booty mirror selfie without the booty benefit.
and love me, and adults tend to hate me. And Im indifferent either way, ha.
Most girls, when they meet me, say that Im a lot different than what they imagined. Mostly because how I write and the things I say seem really silly and goofy, but in real life when I deliver lines its always deadpan. So you gotta keep that in mind.
But if youre the slightest bit interested in smiling until your cheeks hurt or learning obscure facts, drop me a line. If you have curves you can build a roller coaster on, drop me a line for sure.
Cum here right now!! Up for some pnp?? I got the supplies. You just bring that pussy over here. Attractive for attractive. I am looking for a female not a male. Let's have some fun.
looking for a friend with benefits me: female, 5'4, 115 lbs, pale skin, black hair, clean looking for a discreet, but kinky "friendship."
you: female, age doesn't matter, must be able to host and not be afraid of getting Married lady looking sex tonight fuck wives wet!
your pic gets mine! let's chat and maybe meet up tonight!
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come out in the manner and tone you use with him. You tell him straight up that school lunches were free last year but not this year. You inform him that he can decide to make lunches or have the option to put money on the designated day. Better yet is to also get him a copy of the school lunch payment schedule and policy if there is one. don't demand that he do it, but inform him of his options. If he comes up with other plans that is up to him. The point is that the get fed.
the term was cute at first, the more I read, I feel it is an overcompensation so that people won't think that she plays favorites. I feel like she is punishing the for the mother's issues. That's not fair to the and I highly doubt she would allow her own to be treated as such. orthodontists offer payment plans when it comes to braces they should look into that and hopefully the mother contribute but they really should just assume they be footing all the expenses for the, which from the sound of it has much been the way it has been.
let me do what your husband Single senior ready sex encounter mature singles doesn't he's neglecting you and not making you feel like you should. let me come over and make up for it. you won't regret one second of it.
I don't want to know your name. m4w Me: 6" A little thicker than normal, big loads.
You: Female, Love to suck and take it on the chin or in your throat.
We meet, it goes in your mouth, you work it like a champ, and i finish on your face or in your mouth. I want to do this now. I don't care what you look like, but if it matters to you, I am a good looking Single women wants sex women dating site guy.
E-mail me. I'll be waiting.

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